Edwards iXM: Pumping up the jam


Edwards iXM: Pumping up the jam



Art direction




Script and soundtrack


Edwards is the leading supplier of vacuum pumps to manufacturers of semi-conductor chips – one of the most technologically demanding industries on earth.

A unified design style and visual approach was used to translate the complex technologies used within Edwards' iXM and help to clearly deliver the key benefits and accompanying statistics.

The film focuses on the industry’s three main challenges: space, power consumption and increasing performance demands.

The film brings the benefits of Edwards’  iXM to life in an engaging way for an informed global audience, using a combination of animation, live-action footage and CGI – in six languages.

"Identity understood our business needs from the very start. They took an incredibly complex challenge and created an engaging solution that is integral to explaining the Edwards’ iXM benefit proposition to a global audience in a straightforward and concise way."
– Matt Chylewski, Marketing Communications Manager, Edwards

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